Love Lessons front cover

Love Lessons

Joan’s first book – the diaries of an adventurous young woman discovering love in war-torn London.

Love is Blue front cover

Love is Blue

In volume 2 of her memoirs, Joan serves in the WAAF and continues her romantic adventures.

Cover Anything Once

Anything Once

In the third volume of her memoirs, Joan continues to flout convention in postwar London.

Dawn Chorus front cover

Dawn Chorus

In a prequel to her 3-volume memoir, Joan tells the story of her outrageous upper-class childhood.

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 An exhilarating and irresistibly funny book… very much for those who were young and happy and suffering in the War years as well as for their daughters who wonder what exactly mummy got up to…I enjoyed it enormously

– Molly Kean

Reviewing Love Lessons